Author Debra Bokur is well-versed in the topics of magic, legend, and spirituality, with her travel writings appearing in National Geographic Traveler, Islands, Experience Life Magazine and more. The series, parts murder-mystery and police procedural, is well-researched, offering readers an in-depth look at native culture.

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The Fire Thief

ISBN-13: 978-1496727725

Set against the stunning scenery of Maui comes a talented debut from celebrated journalist Debra Bokur. Dark and dangerous secrets are uncovered when the body of a teenage surfer washes ashore. Detective Walter Alaka’I enlists the help of his niece, Detective Kali Māhoe to help solve the case when the child’s untimely death is ruled a homicide.


Kali, the granddaughter of one of Hawaii’s most respected spiritual leaders, is an intelligent, grounded woman, relying on logic and instinct when solving a case—but when it seems as though local superstition may have played a part in the grisly murder, she must turn to her knowledge and personal history with mysticism to find who, or what, is committing a series of ritualistic crimes.

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Coming in Spring 2021:
​The Bone Field


Kali Māhoe, Hawaiian cultural expert and detective with the Maui Police Department, has been called to a bizarre crime scene. In the recesses of a deep trench on Lana’i Island, a derelict refrigerator has been unearthed. Entombed inside are the skeletal remains of someone buried decades ago.


The old field soon yields up more long-buried secrets, and Kali is led along an increasingly winding path that brings to light an unlikely suspect, an illegal cock-fighting organization, and a strange symbol connected to a long-disbanded religious cult. Her task is to dispel the dark shadows lingering over the Palawai Basin plains, and to solve a puzzle that no one wants exposed by the bright, hot tropical light.


To discover the answer, Kali will be drawn deeper into the mysteries of the island’s ancient legends—stories that tell of an enraged rooster god and man-eating monsters. For Kali, a detective of sound logic and reason, it’s not easy to consider the unknown for explanations to what appears as a series of illogical links in a twisting chain of deadly events. Or safe. Because the dormant pineapple fields of Lana’i have yet to give up their darkest and most terrifying secrets.