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Do you enjoy reading about travel? Below are links to the online versions of a few of my print and website magazine feature articles that have appeared in publications including Global Traveler Magazine, Yoga Journal, Montage Magazine, Experience Life and

Healing Rituals Around the World

From Native American wisdom traditions to the ancient lore found in Hawai'i, Indian, Asia, Africa and South America, herbal medicines and natural therapies are used to restore balance and well-being.

Find Peace and Adventure with a Yoga Retreat in Hawai'i (Yoga Journal)

Discover serenity and wellness at a solar-powered yoga sanctuary nestled deep within a rainforest.

Hotels with History Around the World (Global Traveler Magazine)

At storied properties around the world, every room tells a tale.

Hotels Paving the Way to a Greener Future  (Global Traveler Magazine)

Hotels at select spots set an example for global environmental stewardship.

A Trip in Good Taste (Experience Life Magazine)

Take a culinary vacation to learn about healthier, more creative ways to cook – and discover the culture, history and geography behind what you eat.

Big Sur's Esalen Institute

Designed as a transformational  educational institute, Esalan's California coastal location includes natural thermal springs for soaking at the end (or the beginning) of the day.